Instructor: Luis M. Rocha, Center for Complex Networks and Systems, School of Informatics and Computing and Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University

Class Location and Time:11:15AM-12:30PM, Informatics East Building, Room 130 (Monday/Wednesday Lectures) & Informatics West Building Room 109 (Wednesday Labs)

Course Description

Description:Biological organisms cope with the demands of their environments using solutions quite unlike the traditional human-engineered approaches to problem solving. Biological systems tend to be adaptive, reactive, and distributed. Bio-inspired computing is a field devoted to tackling complex problems using computational methods modeled after design principles encountered in nature. This course is strongly grounded on the foundations of complex systems and theoretical biology. It aims to provide an understanding of the distributed architectures of natural complex systems, and how those can be used to produce informatics tools with enhanced robustness, scalability, flexibility and which can interface more effectively with humans. It is a multi-disciplinary field strongly based on biology, complexity, computer science, informatics, cognitive science, robotics, and cybernetics.

Aims: Students will be introduced to fundamental topics in bio-inspired computing, and build up their proficiency in the application of various algorithms in real-world problems.


Lecture Outline

Course Evaluation

Office Hours

Luis Rocha: Tuesdays 10am - 12pm, Informatics East, 919 10th Street, Room #301

Santosh Manicka: Tuesdays and Fridays: 1-2pm, Informatics West, 901, 10th Street, Undergraduate annexe.


Course Materials and Readings

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More to be added as class progresses

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