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Research Interests

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington, advised by Professor Jeremy G. Siek .

I enjoy building mechanized proofs and formalizing programming languages in proof assistants. My recent work focuses on reasoning about gradually typed languages, where some of the type information is statically unknown, and modeling their properties in Agda.

I was a software verification intern at CertiK during summer 2021 . I worked on certifying the functional correctness of system software using Coq and CompCert.

I organize the Programming Languages Reading Group (PLRG@IU). Please refer to our website if you are interested in attending! Feel free to send me an email if you have questions.

Recent Projects

Gradual Security Typing link
Parameterized Cast Calculi link

Referred Articles

  • Mechanized Noninterference for Gradual Security NEW!
    Tianyu Chen, Jeremy G. Siek
    Draft in submission
    Arxiv PDF Code
  • Parameterized Cast Calculi and Reusable Meta-theory for Gradually Typed Lambda Calculi
    Jeremy G. Siek, Tianyu Chen
    Journal of Functional Programming
    DOI Arxiv Code
  • Mechanized Type Safety for Gradual Information Flow
    Tianyu Chen, Jeremy G. Siek
    LangSec 2021
    DOI PDF Talk Slides Code
  • Racing in Hyperspace: Closing Hyper-threading Side Channels on SGX with Contrived Data Races
    Guoxing Chen, Wenhao Wang, Tianyu Chen, Sanchuan Chen, Yinqian Zhang, XiaoFeng Wang, Ten-Hwang Lai, Dongdai Lin
    IEEE Security and Privacy 2018
  • Characterizing Smartwatch Usage in the Wild
    Xing Liu, Tianyu Chen, Feng Qian, Zhixiu Guo, Felix Xiaozhu Lin, Xiaofeng Wang, Kai Chen
    MobiSys 2017
  • Paxos Made Transparent
    Heming Cui, Rui Gu, Cheng Liu, Tianyu Chen, Junfeng Yang
    SOSP 2015

Posters & Extended Abstracts

  • Generic Blame-Subtyping Theorem in Agda Using Abstract Binding Trees
    Tianyu Chen
    Selected as a participant in POPL 2022 Student Research Competition
    Extended abstract Poster


Associate Instructor Secure Protocols CSCI-B433, INFO-I433 Spring 2020
Associate Instructor Malware: Threat and Defense CSCI-B546, INFO-I521 Fall 2019
Associate Instructor Secure Protocols CSCI-B433, INFO-I433 Spring 2019


  • Indiana University academic calendar link
  • Spacemacs Agda layer link

Contact Information

  • Email: \(\mathtt{chen512} @ \mathtt{indiana} . \mathtt{edu}\)
  • Office: Cubicle 3025B. Luddy Hall, Indiana University. 700 N. Woodlawn Ave. Bloomington, IN 47408

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