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We never landed on the moon!
(The Moon Landing Hoax)

picture of helmet with unknown structure

Important: To find this site even remotely interesting, you must first go and check out Kevin Overstreet's web-page titled FAKED MOON LANDINGS? to see some good evidence about the big moon landing hoax/scam/fraud. Jim Scotti does his best to refute these arguments in his web-page titled NON-FAKED MOON LANDINGS !

However, here is some additional, and conclusive, evidence that we uncovered in Kevin Overstreet's favor. The truth is somewhere out there, and is definitely not on the moon.

picture of rover next to gas station

If you look at A, you will see that the gas pump casts a shadow in the opposite direction! There is only one light source on the moon, i.e. the Sun, and hence all shadows must be in the same direction. You can see that the shadows cast by all other objects are in the other direction. Some conclusive evidence that these pictures are doctored pictures.

If you're not convinced, then the next picture is the real kicker.

picture of rover in front of traffic signs

If you look at A and B in this picture, you will readily identify them as terrestrial traffic signs. There is no way these could have appeared on the moon, and shows NASA's neglect for detail.

picture of astronauts without helmets

If you look at A and B, you will see that the astronauts are not wearing any helmets!!! That says it all. The government must think that we are morons.

picture of rocket with a match-stick beside it

This one is a subtle one, and is easy to miss. If you look at A, you will see a match-stick. This is conclusive evidence that the rocket is actually a miniature model, and not really a space shuttle. We suspect that the match-stick in the picture was the result of a failed ignition attempt.

The next five photographs have been submitted by an anonymous source who claims to have been a clerk at the NASA Photo Archives!

picture of astronaut carrying budlight
This is clearly doctored since carbonated beverages would explode in the low pressure moon atmosphere.
picture of astronaut beside snowblower
Check closely for prop man accidently left preparing set
picture of astronaut suit items, including a trojan

I don't see the use of some of these items for a real moon mission

picture of astronauts in some  kind of mating ritual
Whoa! What kind of science is this?
picture of astronaut resembling a monkey (Chris)
Weren't monkey experiments no longer necessary?
And last but not the least, as Dav Zimak points out, if you rearrange the letters in "Neil Armstrong," you get "Strong Men Liar." This seems to suggest that NASA (the "strong men") are lying! They simply cooked up the name Neil Armstrong. We have not been able to ascertain the true identity of this actor-astronaut yet.

Want more photo evidence? Take a peek at our growing archive.

This moon-shattering report was brought to you by (in alphabetical order of course) Chris Hess, Apu Kapadia and Manuel Roman. Whether or not you believe we went to the moon, we hope that some interesting questions have been brought to light through this ground-breaking report.

Please take notice that this entire web page was written by my left hand, without the little pinky, editing the HTML code myself, not using a program to do it for me :

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