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Date: 10 Mar 2001 01:41:24 MST
From: brian marshall (

Please send this to all people in all nations. Tell them who solved the hoax
as my reward. 
Lets get this thing buried.  I need intelligent young open minded people who
can comprehend that today^s society is sick, and is in the hands of evil men
who have been fighting good for two thousand years. To contact me, go to
And or email My mail is monitored and if you do contact me,
triple send it to the above and and

My name is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. My ax to grind is ancient, my
family is the true royal family of the United kingdom. The same cults that
dominate the world have stolen my Kingdom. I will get it back, and to do that
I have looked at the moon landings and have proven absolutely that it is a
World Order hoax.

I have just read through many Moon Hoax pages, most are in America and I
addressed the letter to them.

I have several comments.
I posted the information you seek at the above site last week, I started
looking at the Moon date on February 25th 2001 and this is what I observed to
be a Hoax. 
I fully realize that it is not a proud moment for Americans to face the facts
that their government is a corporate club with ancient fraternities, but that
is how it is.
A good movie to watch is Skulls and Wag the Dog.
I feel for you all, and I do not make frivolous claims to hurt you or to
bolster my ego. I just look for the truth, it^s the Jesus thing to do, and I
have always conducted my affairs as if I was looking through his eyes.
I have several astronomy programs, one by Carl Sagen and another called Home
Planet.  They are very accurate; in fact the Home Planet program measures the
distance to the moon down to a Kilometer at any given time thousands of years
in the past or future on any date.
Being a scientist I have gad to deal with facts for many years.
These programs confirm the shadow on the Moon at the landing site as being in
the dark at 4:17 PM EDT July 20th 1969 the moment of the alleged landing.
The landing site was 0.67 North Latitude by 23:23 East Longitude. 
The sunlight at the time of landing was at 35 degrees East. 
The landing therefore was impossible. Not that the landing could not be done
in the dark, it would be a silly thing to do, but the film NASA shows of the
descent is in daylight and no shadow is seen at all from orbit and the film of
the touchdown is in the light. 
We are looking for truth are we not?
The sunlight on the moon moves across the surface at 9 miles per hour, not
like the earth, as the moon turns on its axis once in 29 1/2 days.  This means
that when the sun did rise at that location, the shadows would be miles long;
totally dark in the shadow, as defused light of an atmosphere is not present
on the Moon.
Some have said that there is an atmosphere on the moon, well there is not.
This is how it is, none.  No atmosphere no wind, this is why there are
photographs of Aldrin  setting up a solar wind experiment.  Solar wind has no
effect as it is subatomic particles.
The flag waving is not a factor at all because there is no wind, so what ever
made it wave, could not be caused by moon wind.  It is not important here as
we have adequate proof it is a fake and this is just another mistake.
The important issue here is the glare from the sun. If any of you have ever
used a welding rod, the light of it burns the white of the eyes, even if your
face is turned away. Not to mention the burnt skin of the face.  I have done
years of welding, take my word for it.
Compared to the welding rod, the glare from the sun on the moon is so bright,
it would burn the skin let alone the white of the eyes and the retina is
magnified focusing the light.  Speculating that you could walk around on the
moon with a shield up is absolute, it can not be done, the sun is so bright
that the lack of atmosphere combined with a surface temperature of 250
degrees, hotter than boiling point, means that a space craft, a lunar lander,
could remain for only a short time as the surface temperature of the machine
and the space suits would rocket up. 
Lets get to the facts, it was a landing that would have to have occurred in
the dark.
The light is 20 times brighter than on the earth.
There is no atmosphere on the Moon.
The daylight temperature is 250 degrees.
They must have landed in the dark.
In addition, if you take the time and down load the 16mm frames taken from the
Lander while both astronauts were out of the Lander, the movie camera moves
about panning up and down and from side to side by several feet. And this
means someone in the Lander other then the two on the surface.
In later moon walks, no astronaut has his shield up. 
As this was 1969 the information was not readily available on the web, so they
were not scrutinized as today, nor was there any doubt that there could be a
conspiracy, no mention of  World Order, Freemasonry, Knights Templar or Skull
and Bones conspiracies, but the reality is that this is indeed the case.
I am an old man now, and have a great deal of interaction with people in high
places and all I can say is, take an old mans advise, it is all a war of power
in high places. Democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have
for lunch.
All elections are subject to media owned by share holders who own every thing
and can make of break a politician overnight, and never will you read the
truth in a city paper, as they are all owned by the same club.
I am sad to reveal these things, I have many friends in America, but I also no
that if the America giant is made aware of what their government is up to,
watch out.


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