A201 Introduction to Programming

Fall 2010    Lecturer:  Prof. Adity Upoma Mutsuddi

Linger's section txu@indiana.edu

  • Week1        Lecture slides     Warm-up Assignment     Lab example script
  • Week2       Lecture slides     Assignment-1     Lab slides-1     Lab slides-2
  • Week3       Lecture slides     Assignment-2     Lab slides     lab3.py     lab3-game.py     lab3-team.txt                                         Solution for assignment2
  • Week4       Lecture slides     Assignment-3     Lab slides     Basic Operators Overview     lab4-gpa.py    
  • Week5       Lecture slides     Assignment-4     Lab slides     Pattern print    
  • Week6       Lecture slides     Assignment-5     Lab slides    
  • Week7       Lecture Slides     Midterm Practice Solutions
  • Week8       Midterm Review Slides     Midterm Solutions
  • Week9       Lecture slides     Assignment-6     Lab slides     Inlab assignment    
  • Week10     Lecture slides     Assignment-7     Lab slides    
  • Week11      Lecture slides     Assignment-8     Lab slides     Lab script     Assignment hints    
  • Week12     Lecture slides     Lab slides     Recursive Example    
  • Final Assignment     Example-ladder     Example-snake     Example-at the end    
  • Review     Review-part1     Review-part2     Review-part3