NEW: I469 Collective Intelligence

Foundational, state-of-the-art readings in the domain of Collective Intelligence. We will examine the literature from a technical as well as scientific perspective, with a special focus on Web2.0 technologies. Topics will range from Science itself, distributed computing, stigmergy, swarm intelligence, web science, collective decision-making, semantic web, crowdfunding, to prediction markets.

I501: Introduction to Informatics

Fall 2009-2014
The course deals with the foundations of Informatics as an interdisciplinary field. It deals with concepts such as Information, Technology, Knowledge, Modeling, as well as their impact on science and society. The course will also attempt to define and understand what computational thinking can bring to science and society.

I210: Information infrastructure

Spring 2010-2012
Computer programming is profoundly empowering. With the ability to program computers, even at a very basic level, comes the ability to make the most ubiquitous tool in modern society perform the tasks you want it to. This introductory course focused on Python and game programming, introduces basic computer programming concepts and skills, aimed at empowering you.