dynamic information spaces

[I]mplementors often place more emphasis on a program's internal construction than on its external design, despite the fact that as much as 75 percent of the code in a modern program deals with the interface to the user.
Mitch Kapor, A Software Design Manifesto

It used to be that computer speed was measured in hertz, computer memory in kilobytes, and disk space in megabytes. Soon, speed will be measured in gigahertz, memory in gigabytes, and space in terabytes. There's been a millionfold increase in computational power over the past 30 years, yet interfaces to our computers are still governed largely by ancient assumptions about their power.

Problems with Interfaces Today
Toward a Better Interface
A Star Field Interface
Clipping the Database
Game Interfaces
Navigating Pagespace
Memorable Interfaces
How Not To Design an Interface

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