Teaching Experience


July 01, 2020     #teaching

I am on sabbatical for the fall 2020 semester. I may be slow to respond to emails and other requests.

Champion of Inclusion

May 26, 2017     #teaching

I am very honored to have been selected for a 2017 Champion of Inclusion award by the School of Informatics and Computing as part of its M.O.S.A.I.C. (Multicultural Outstanding Achievements in Computing) program. Computing as a whole has a long... <more>

Dr. Richard Knepper, PhD

April 25, 2017     #teaching

Richard Knepper, one of the PhD students that I advise, successfully defended his dissertation today. The title is “Shifting Modalities of Use in the XSEDE Project.” Congratulations, Dr. Knepper!

Technology and Gender

January 09, 2017     #teaching

For the spring 2017 semester I will be offering a new graduate seminar that explores the intersection of technology and gender. In part this will develop my long-term interest in the history of women in computing, but will also include... <more>

University Trustee Teaching Award

April 28, 2016     #teaching

I am pleased and honored to have been awarded the 2015-2016 Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award. Many thanks to my students, teaching assistants, and colleagues who helped make this possible!

Introducing The Information Society

December 06, 2013     #teaching

New Course   We are often told that we are living in an “Information Society,” and indeed, this is a truth that seems self-evident: communications and information technologies increasingly pervade our homes, our workplaces, our schools,... <more>

I400/I590 - Information Systems and Organizational Change

September 28, 2012     #teaching

In the spring 2012 semester I will be introducing a new course that explores the relationship between information technology and organizational change. Here is a brief course description. More information and a syllabus to follow:

The design and construction... <more>

Doctoral Research & Theory, Part II

January 10, 2012     #teaching

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Becoming a professional academic means learning how to do research.

In this seminar, we will focus on epistemological concepts and processes of theory generation and testing as they apply to the... <more>

Computers, Ethics, and Society

March 01, 2011     #teaching

This summer I will be teaching once again my course on contemporary issues in computer culture and policy. The course explores the various social implication of information technology: social, cultural, political, and economic. By considering... <more>


January 27, 2011     #teaching

Free speech, free software, MOOS, MUDs, anime and cyberpunk. All of these are elements of a broad set of social, technical and political phenom- ena generally associated with the emergence... <more>

The Information Age

September 03, 2010     #teaching

Certain new technologies are greeted with claims that, for good or ill, they must transform our society. The two most recent: the computer and the Internet. But the series of social, economic, and technological developments... <more>

The Information Sciences

September 22, 2008     #teaching

This graduate seminar explores the emergence and widespread adoption in the early Cold War-period of a set of interrelated tools, techniques, and discourses organized around the concept of “information.” These emerging information science included not only new disciplines such as... <more>