Social Network Visualization by Sebastian Schaetz
Social Network Visualization by Sebastian Schaetz

CSCI-B 649/INFO-I 590: Advanced Topics in Privacy, Fall 2010

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Course Information

Lectures Informatics East 122
1–3:45pm, Tuesdays
Instructor Apu Kapadia

Email alias: kapadia
Office: Informatics West 211
Phone: 812-856-1465
Office Hours: Mondays 2–3pm; Thursdays 4–5pm; or by appointment

Textbook This class will be based on assigned readings of scientific papers
Prerequisites Computer Networking or Distributed Systems, or Consent of Instructor
(Examples: P438, P538, B534)

This course requires no prior experience in security and privacy, but assumes the willingness to seek out and read background material as needed.

Course Description

This year's seminar will focus on peer-to-peer systems and social networks. Example topics include: anonymizing networks, distributed social networks, secure routing in p2p networks, reputation systems, privacy in social networking sites such as Facebook, and more!

This seminar will be driven by student-led roundtable discussions of papers. Building on knowledge gained in class, students will work on research projects in groups and complete a conference-like paper at the end of the semester.