I400/I590 Collective Intelligence


Students will become familiar with the foundational and state-of-the art literature relevant to collective intelligence (CI). The course will cover the models, theory, and algorithms used to implement online CI applications, and how they are leveraged in a variety of research and application areas.


Time: Mon/Wed from 17:45 to 19:00
Location: Informatics 107
Office hours: Wed, 14:00-15:00, INFO EAST 305
AI office hours: Rachael Fulper: TBD rfulper@indiana.edu

Fall schedule

First class: Aug 24
Labor day: Sep 7, 2015 no class
Thanksgiving: Nov 23/25 no class
Last class: Dec 02
Project or essay deadlines: Midnight, Dec 14

Evaluation (graduate)

  • 20% attendance and participation
  • 20% presentation and discussion: students will present a paper chosen from the list of graduate readings, and lead the class discussion. Presentations will be scheduled to coincide with topics covered on that date.
  • 60% final project or essay: a report or paper on an original research project developed and executed in collaboration with the instructor or another faculty member (subject to instructor's approval). The topic of this project must be approved by the instructor in advance who must be kept apprised of progress throughout the semester.

Evaluation (undergraduate)

  • 10% attendance (taken at start of class) + 10% participation
  • 20% in-class quizzes (about 8)
  • 30% project assignments (about 3)
  • 30% final project: students will report on a final project project using algorithms and approaches taught in this course. Final project details will be shared during the course of the semester. Regular assignment are geared to work towards the final project. Consult regularly with your instructor about your progress.