Yucong Jiang

PhD candidate in Computer Science (ABD)
Area: Music Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics
School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering
Indiana University, Bloomington

Contact: yujiang@iu.edu

In college, my favorite subjects were math and signal processing. In the meantime, I was attracted to the fascinating field of music informatics where I could apply both subjects to solve music related problems!

After college, I started my PhD program in Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Raphael who heads the Music Informatics program in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. There, I'm doing research on building smart (in the sense of Artificial Intelligence) software that could "listen to" music audio or "read" printed sheet music by applying computer science, statistics, and machine learning techniques.

Currently, I’m passionate about developing (software) tools for musicians: for educational purposes and for fun.