Unity of Measurement and Motion

Michael Conrad
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202 (U.S.A.)

Conrad, M. [2001]. "Unity of Measurement and Motion". Biosystems. Vol 60, pp. 23-38.

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Abstract: Issues addressed in H. H. Pattee's origin of life lab in the 1960's and their connection to the physics-evolution-language problematic are indicated. The problem of quantum measurement played a central role. The problem is here examined in the light of the fluctuon model, in particular as the model applies to gravity. The main conclusion is this: measurement and motion are a unitary process. All accelerations are accompanied by a cycle involving the annihilation and creation of superpositions. Gravitational collapse is also a cyclic process in the fluctuon model. By a suitable transformation it can be seen that interactions underlying superpositional collapse are the same as those operative in gravitational collapse. Implications for the origin of cellular life and the development of symbolic systems are considered

Keywords: Quantum measurement, Fluctuon model, Gravitational collapse, Biological information processing