Having writing tasks is something everyone in academia (and frequently in my administrative life) regularly manages. Not everyone has a great time of it. Shut Up and Write Tuesdays may be one way to get some writing done. # Shut Up and Write Tuesdays Is a distributed group of folks trying to get an hour of writing done, please, without any of your distractions and foofaraw. They meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, so this is not going to get you over the threshold before that paper deadline you’re fretting about, but they do offer a place to talk about what you write, read what others do, and get some encouragement.

There are 3 regions (Pacific, UK, and North America) corresponding to three twitter tags (@SUWTues, @SUWTUK, and @SUWTNA), where you can engage with others. Hashtags correspond to this as well.

Not a bad deal if you can make it.