Hawaii - My Favorite Vacation


What Hawaii is About!

Hawaii is a place that has so much to offer in terms of tourism. There are so many interesting things to see and so many things to do, that sometimes it is quite hard to fit in everything you want to do. In my case though I got to go twice in my lifetime so far, which is a blessing in itself but this allowed me and my family to do things we might not see ever again.

Where I went in Hawaii

In Hawaii I went to two major islands, Honolulu the main island and Maui and smaller sub island. Of the many things I did in Hawaii, these three things made all the difference on the trip. Road to Hana, Black Sand Beach, and the Paradise Cove Luau were the best and most rememorable things I have done on my two trips to Hawaii. I gave links to see what each are like so you could easily experience them if you so please. Also on the trip you had your average beach day and pool day which is sometimes much needed after a very adventurous type of day but these days never disappointed. There were always activities on the beach to participate in and a huge game center to relax and meet new people.

However though Hawaii itself is fairly expensive and was only lucky to go twice due to my parents being involved in a time share. This allowed us to cut costs and travel there on a nonstop flight to Hawaii. Flying to Hawaii and stopping is something you do not want to do for because of layover or the potential of your bag getting lost which happened on our first flight to Hawaii. It adds a lot of unnecessary stress that you do not want to deal with, so if you are looking to go to Hawaii or something similar in distance, I HIGHLY recommend a nonstop flight.

Why Hawaii?

Hawaii has an experience like no other. From the colorful trees that actually look like they are painted to the beautiful sunsets every single night, there is not one thing that will dissappoint when you visit Hawaii. Once you get past the cost itself you will have the best time of your life. Hawaii is somewhere I defintely plan on going later in my life to do much more adventuring and see things I would of never seen before. The possibilities are endless in Hawaii and I know that but you just have to find those possibilites in order to make the trip memorable.