Extract is a software management tool which allows the user to store different versions of the same code or several related codes in one file. Interleaving of routines allows the user to have code such that when one version is updated, all versions are changed. Many capabilities of C's preprocessor are emulated, but the code produced by extract is much more readable. Extract also has some scripting abilities not present in cpp, such as looping, if structures, and integer arithmetic. The code developer keeps code in basefiles but gives the extracted files to users. A successful use of extract will result in files that no one can tell came from extract.

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Extract v4.0.0 released 04/10/00, last modified 03/01/01. Extract v4.0 mod history:
Extract v3.1 last modified on 8/17/99:
Extract modified on 11/14/98, problems reported by Antoine:
Extract modified on 2/07/98:
Extract modified on 1/28/98:
Extract modified on 1/23/98:
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