Personalized Data Mapping
B669, section 8387, Spring 1999, M 5:45-8:15, SE240
Gregory J. E. Rawlins,


This seminar is about building a smart, visual, autonomous, and interactive information manager of all of a user's information, whether that information is data or programs, and whether it originates on the web, via mail, news, ftp, an editor, or any other application. It is not a search engine, browser, desktop, or operating system, although it shares elements of all four programs. It is an attempt to take control of the desktop away from the major software manufacturers and put it in the hands of the world's independent software developers, thereby enabling a new round of massive change.

Either strong Java ability or interface design ability is a must. Expertise in any of the following areas is desirable:
* usability testing
* information visualization
* graphics
* web programming
* web design
* object-oriented databases
* machine learning
* statistical analysis
Course credit will go to assignments, participation in designing the architecture, group coding of program modules, and improvement of the website. See mission, teams, duties, and evaluation for further details. Also, see the course website and the project website for extensive background.