Fall 2022 semester

July 26, 2022     #teaching

The fall semester is rapidly approaching, and I am looking forward to teaching my I222: The Information Society and my I400: Computing and the Environment courses. Both courses have been updated extensively recently, which is exciting.

Black History Month and the History of Computing

February 23, 2022     #research

In celebration of Black History Month, I have been reflecting on what my scholarship might have to say about the history of African American computer programmers. On the website on the history of computer programming that developed out of my first book, I have written about some exciting recent works in the scholarship on Black programmers.


October 26, 2021     #media

One of the most rewarding creative challenges I have as a scholar is figuring out ways to communicate my research to experts in industry. I was invited to give a talk to software developers at the game company Roblox sponsored by Women@Roblox and LGBTQIA@Roblox about my work on gender representations in the history of programming. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to speak to people in a position to make a difference, but my children are (for a rare change) super-impressed!

Empowering Diverse STEM Innovators

October 23, 2021     #media

I am pleased and honored to be part of the Louis Stokes Midwest Regional Center of Excellence conference on Empowering Diverse STEM Innovators to be held virtually from October 22-24.

Coded Bias documentary

My small contribution to the conference is to moderate a discussion with the director Shalini Kantayya about her extraordinary documentary Coded Bias, which explores the way in which historical patterns of racial bias are being reconstructed and reified within the AI algorithms used for facial recognition. I have seen this film several times now, and every time I watch it see more in it that is informative, challenging, and disturbing.

Fall 2021 semester

August 11, 2021     #teaching

This fall we will be back to campus for in-person courses. I will be teaching my I222: The Information Society and my I400: Computing and the Environment courses.

The Cloud is a Factory, excerpted

May 20, 2021     #publications

The website Fast Company posted an excerpt of my chapter from Your Computer is on Fire today. The excerpt is from my discussion of the continuity between the industrial and informational economy, which focuses on the similarities between Sears Roebuck in the early 20th century and Amazon.com in the early 21st.