POPL '17 Artifact

Big Types in Little Runtime

Open-World Soundness and Collaborative Blame for Gradual Type Systems

Michael M. Vitousek, Cameron Swords, Jeremy G. Siek

Artifact: link

Our artifact consists of a virtual machine instance containing code to reproduce the efficiency results shown in our paper (Section 6).


To run this virtual machine, you will need to install VirtualBox (recommended version 4.3.36 or up). Download the virtual machine (linked above) and unpackage it (on Windows this can be done with 7zip). Then open the file POPL _17_ Vitousek et al_.vbox using VirtualBox to launch the virtual machine (you probably can just double-click on the file to launch it).


Once the virtual machine has booted, further instructions will appear on the desktop. To summarize:

The virtual machine will begun running the necessary tests to produce our performance results. Please note that this reproduction may take two to three hours, but each intermediate test result will be reported to the terminal. Once the benchmarks are complete, the testing script will generate and display a bar chart showing the average runtimes (over 100 runs each) of the tests (similar to Figure 12 in our paper).

For comparison's sake, the efficiency results that we arrived at and reported on in Section 6.2 of our paper are shown below. runtime data

Thank you for your time.

Technical Notes: