VR work
Mitja Hmeljak
3D Interactive Environments (2006-2009)

doing cognitive science in Second Life
What does it take to port collective behavior studies from 2D-based experiments to 3D MMVWs? Technically, is it doable? Behaviorally, what changes?

Syllabus, planning and proposal for a 3xx-level course in synthetic worlds / virtual environments. Sample Topics and summary:  
   • Hands-on approach to learning about interactive 3D graphic worlds, their design, implementation and deployment. 
   • Practical coursework at dynamic scene-graph level. 
   • Analysis of existing works of high production quality. 
   • Scripting/authoring/programming techniques for 3D environments. 
  Using Second Life as multi-user networked VR engine and for multimedia hosting, for labs, practical assignments and final project.

the Listeners (2006)
(early prototype visible here)

Video- and Audio-driven motion.
Presented at:
 • Res-Art: Robotics and Emergent Systems art exhibit 
 • in conjuction with Artificial Life X(2006.06.03-07) 
  Written using OpenGL, GLUT, QuickTime, CoreAudio AUHAL and Accelerate.framework (here's some Sample Code).
Cabinet of Dreams (2005)

VR showcasing Indianapolis Museum of Art's Chinese art collection. On display in IMA's X Room since May 2005.
A demo version of Cabinet of Dreams has been presented at:  
   • Supercomputing 2005: IU Applications (2005.11.12-18) 
   • iGrid 2005: networked Cabinet of Dreams (2005.09.26-29)
   • I-Light Symposium 2005: networked Cabinet of Dreams (2005.09.21-22) 
   • Cleveland Museum of Art: Ingenuity festival (2005.09.01-04) 
   • Siggraph 2005 emerging technologies: Access Grid panel (2005.08.01) 
   • American Association of Museums Conference 2005 (2005.05.01-05) 
  Cabinet of Dreams press releases:  
   • Report on IU at SC|05 (Supercomputing 2005) 
   • IU Research Works (Supercomputing 2005) 
   • VIS Lab Partnership with the IMA (2005.05.26) 
   • Research at Indiana University (2005.05) 
   • IU Home Pages (2005.05.13) 
   • IU UITS News Release (2005.04.12) 
   • Cabinet of Dreams site at IU SoFA 
   • IMA (re)Opening 
  With Adam Schweigert (soundtrack), Craig Strubing (modeling), Margaret Dolinsky (lead), Mathew Powers (modeling).

My work included 3D scene-graph scripting and animation, and development in a certain scene-graph-based 3D rendering toolkit with C++ APIs which is normally used for real-time visual simulation and performance-oriented 3D graphics applications, just as in VegoWelt.

Activations no.2 and Untitled Activations no.1 (2003-2004)

Audio-driven VR.
Ingredients: OpenGL, sweat and tears :-P

Presented at:  
   • IU SoFA Gallery: Digital Art Area Exhibition (2004.02.13) 
   • IU SoFA Gallery: Lounge exhibition (2003.10.10) 
  With Margaret Dolinsky (static modeling).

Cabinet of Dreams site at IU SoFA.

This image (), from Untitled Activations no.1 exhibited at the SoFA Gallery, is used by IU Media Relations to showcase the John-e-box's interactive VR applications (uncredited on leaflet). Photograph by Ryan J. Jones.
Sketches for a Tryptich (1999)

A VR environment written for Fine Arts U539, Fall 1999.

Written using XP and Bergen.

Sketches for a Tryptich has been showcased in the IUB CAVE and at the Advanced Visualization Lab.
VegoWelt (1999)

VR smart playroom written using OpenGL Performer, CAVELib and VSS, as part of SmartEnv, Spring 1999.
Here's a tutorial written at the time.

With Katy Börner, Sven Bertel, Matt Jadud and Bob Najlis ().

VegoWelt has been presented in: 
   • Ylem Newsletter: Welcome to WegoWelt in Facing Reality (July/August 1999) 
   • DCNet'99: VegoWelt: A smart virtual playroom in DCNet'99 Proceedings (1999.11.30-12.03) 
   • VegoWelt: The Video. Video Submission 
  Mitja Hmeljak 2009