NOTICE: The IUCBRF CVS repository has changed location. If you have previously received a CVS instructions file, replace "burrowww" with "silo". Please contact Steven Bogaerts for questions.

IUCBRF is an open source domain-independent framework for case-based reasoning system development in Java, developed by Steven Bogaerts, advised by David Leake, with assistance as described below. Please note that the framework and documentation are subject to change at any time without notice.

- Introduction & Motivation
Bogaerts, S., and Leake, D. 2005. A Framework for Rapid and Modular Case-Based Reasoning System Development. Technical Report TR 617, Computer Science Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

- Javadoc
IUCBRF Code Documentation
(updated September 14th, 2009)

- License

In the Classroom
As discussed in brief in the main documentation, IUCBRF can also be applied in a classroom setting. For details, see:

Bogaerts, S., and Leake, D. 2005. Increasing AI Project Effectiveness with Reusable Code Frameworks: A Case Study Using IUCBRF. Proceedings of the 18th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, pages 2-7, Menlo Park, California, AAAI Press.

Bogaerts, S., and Leake, D. 2006. Focusing AI Students' Attention: A Framework-Based Approach to Guiding Impasse-Driven Learning. Proceedings of the 19th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference.

Bogaerts, S., and Leake, D. 2005. IUCBRF Lesson: Case Base Maintenance Policies. (An example lesson using IUCBRF.)

Obtaining the Framework
If you agree to the license, feel free to contact Steven Bogaerts and request a copy of the code. In your request, please indicate:

1) Whether you would like just the jar file or also access to the CVS repository
2) The nature of your project

It would also be greatly appreciated if you sent occasional brief updates on your use of the framework, including functionality you found particularly useful, anything you feel is crucial that is missing, and any enhancements you may have made. Notification is especially requested if the framework is used for published research (use of the framework should be cited, as stated in the license).

IGLU - A small amount of functionality from the IGLU package is required by the framework. Follow the link for details and to download the code, or simply use iglu.jar included in the IUCBRF code.

The IUCBRF Group is Steven Bogaerts, with advising and guidance by David Leake and some contributions as noted in source code by the following:
- Alejandro Valerio
- Thomas Thomas
- Neil Briscombe
- Florian Hartge
- Peter Siniakov

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