Archive of CBR/CIP Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Microprograms"

A series of books edited by Roger Schank, Chris Riesbeck, and Alex Kass describes Ph.D dissertation research projects in CBR and other AI areas, and contains "micro" versions of the dissertation programs that were developed for pedagogical purposes. These programs are meant to distill key aspects of the original programs into a form that can be easily understood, modified, and extended. This archive contains code for some of these programs. For those wishing to implement full CBR systems, the code for IUCBRF, a Java CBR framework, is freely available.

The URL for this archive is The archive is maintained by David Leake at Indiana University. However, credit for the code goes to the editors of the books in which the programs appeared, or to the authors indicated.

Full details on the programs and suggestions for exercises are available in the books themselves, which can be ordered directly from Erlbaum.

This code is for educational purposes only. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed to be bug-free, and we cannot provide support. However, we would be happy to add information on bugs and fixes to the archive. Please send bug fixes to David Leake, of the Computer Science Department at Indiana University. There is an an archive of CBR and other AI publications from Indiana University at