Course Overview

This year’s seminar will focus on wearable and sensor-based computing and social networks

This seminar will be driven by student-led roundtable discussions of papers. Building on knowledge gained in class, students will work on research projects in groups targeting either a potential academic publication or a prototype for a potential industrial startup.

Course Information

Class time
Informatics West 107
2:30–5pm, Tuesdays

Apu Kapadia
Email alias: kapadia
Office: Lindley Hall 330B
Office Hours: Wednesdays 4–4:45pm (no appointment is needed for this slot).

Tousif Ahmed
Email alias: touahmed
Office Hours: By appointment

This class will be based on assigned readings of scientific papers

Computer Networking or Distributed Systems, or Consent of Instructor (Examples: P438, P538, B534).

This course requires no prior experience in security and privacy, but assumes the willingness to seek out and read background material as needed.