CSCI-P 538 Computer Networks
(Fall 2013)

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Course Description

This is a graduate-level computer networks course and will focus on rising above the basic concepts of computer networking. Students will be expected to complete the assigned readings before class, and lectures will be heavy on discussions that will take a critical look at the textbook material. Security issues will be a common thread in many of our discussions.

We will cover topics regarding the various layers of the Internet protocol stack, peer-to-peer networking, security, and wireless networking.

Course Information

Class meetings Lectures
9:30–10:45am, Tue/Thu
Wells Library 033

Instructor Apu Kapadia
Email alias: kapadia
Office: Lindley Hall 330B
Office Hours: Wed 4–5pm
Associate Instructors (AI) Andrew Kaizer (Projects)
Email alias: akaizer

Volodymyr Bulakh (Projects)
Email alias: vbulakh

Office Hours: Lindley Hall 035
Mon 1–2:30pm (Volodymyr)
Tue 2–3:30pm (Andrew)
Wed 1–2:30pm (Volodymyr)
Thu 11am–12:30pm (Andrew)

Prerna Rustagi (Grader)
Email alias: rustagip
Office Hours: By appointment

Sajan Khandelwal (Grader)
Email alias: sajkhand
Office Hours: By appointment

Textbooks KR (Required): Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th edition), by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross.

DC (Recommended): TCP/IP Sockets in C: A Practical Guide for Programmers (2nd Edition), by Michael J. Donahoo and Kenneth L. Calvert.

There will be other assigned readings

Prerequisites Required:
An undergraduate course in Operating Systems or Networking

Programming experience in C/C++

Familiarity and comfort with the Linux command line.

Credits This course builds on course materials shared by Adam Aviv and Minaxi Gupta.