I433/533, CSCI-B 649 Systems & Protocol Security & Information Assurance
Spring 2012

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Course Information

Class meetings Lectures
10:10–11:00am, Mon/Wed
Informatics East 130

Undergraduate lab
11:15am–12:05pm, Fri
Informatics East 009, Security Lab

Graduate lab
12:20–1:10pm, Fri
Informatics East 009, Security Lab

Instructor Apu Kapadia

Email alias: kapadia
Office: Informatics West 211
Phone: 812-856-1465
Office Hours: Mon 3:45–4:45pm, or by appointment

Associate Instructor (AI) Kevin Benton

Email alias: ktbenton
Office: Informatics East 009, Security Lab
Office Hours: Wed 2–4pm, or by appointment

  1. SM (Required): The Craft of System Security, by Sean W. Smith and John C. Marchesini
  2. SDL (Required): The Security Development Lifecycle, by Michael Howard and Steve Lipner
  3. Other assigned readings
Prerequisites Required
I-230: Analytical Foundations of Security
I-231: Introduction to the Mathematics of Cybersecurity

In addition to the two courses above, one of the following courses:
I-211: Information Infrastructure II OR
CSCI-C-212: Introduction to Software Systems

Some programming background is necessary. A specific language is not required, but it is assumed you can pick up new languages where needed for this course.

Course Description

This course will cover the design and analysis of secure systems. It will combine theoretical understanding with hands-on experience in adopting individual security protocols and technologies to develop a functioning whole.

The course will be structured around a semester-long group project to build a secure location sharing system much like Google Latitude. Students will learn to apply techniques related to authentication, access control, database security, network security, privacy, usability, and so on.

Students will be evaluated through class interaction, homework assignments, a lab-based class project, and a final exam. Graduate students will be required to submit a research review paper on a security or privacy related topic.

This course is targeted at upper-class undergraduate and graduate students.

CS Graduate Credit?
MS: I-433 is on the approved list for an MS in CS. Alternatively you can register under course CSCI-B 649.
PhD: For I-433, "No permission is needed for PhD students to apply graduate Informatics courses towards the 90 credits for the CS PhD. However, the required 24 core credits in CS must be satisfied by CS courses." Alternatively, you can register under CSCI-B 649.
(Quoted text excerpted from CSCI Graduate Course Planning: Spring 2010)