I400/H400/I590 Advanced Security and Privacy
Spring 2010

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Course Information

Lectures Informatics West 107
1–2:15pm, Tue/Thu
Instructor Apu Kapadia

Email alias: kapadia
Office: Informatics West 211
Phone: 812-856-1465
Office Hours: Mon/Thu 4–5pm, or by appointment

Associate Instructor (AI) Ali Khalfan

Email alias: akhalfan
Office: Informatics West 013
Phone: TBD
Office Hours: 11am–12pm Mon, 2–3pm Wed, or by appointment

Textbooks 1) The Craft of System Security by Sean W. Smith, John C. Marchesini
2) Security and Usability: Designing Secure Systems That People Can Use, Lorrie Faith Cranor (Editor), Simson Garfinkel (Editor)
3) Other assigned readings
Prerequisites Required: I-230: Analytical Foundations of Security
Recommended: I-430: Security for Networked Systems

Course Description

This course will cover several security concepts through the lens of privacy. Topics include peer-to-peer and anonymizing networks, personal data in the cloud, usable design for control over personal information, social networking, location and activity sharing, privacy of personal health records, and cryptographic techniques for enhancing privacy. We will also discuss legal issues related to network communication, electronic publishing of photos and videos, and data in the cloud.

Students will be evaluated through class participation, biweekly homework assignments, a term paper or class project on a privacy-related topic of their choosing, two hourly exams, and a final.

This course is targeted at upper-class undergraduate and graduate students.

CS Graduate Credit?
MS: This course "can be used in slots 8-10 of the Masters worksheet"
PhD: "No permission is needed for PhD students to apply graduate Informatics courses towards the 90 credits for the CS PhD. However, the required 24 core credits in CS must be satisfied by CS courses."
(Excerpted from CSCI Graduate Course Planning: Spring 2010)