I230 Analytical Foundations of Security
Fall 2015

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Course Information

Class meetings Lectures
Section Kapadia:
2:30–3:45pm, Mon/Wed Ballantine Hall 204

Section Zeller:
11:15am–01:45pm, Thu Informatics East 150

Instructors Apu Kapadia
Email alias: kapadia
Office Hours: Mon 4–4:45pm, or by appointment
Office: Lindley Hall 330B

Tom Zeller
Email alias: zeller
Office hours: 10:15–11:15am Thu, or by appointment
Location: Informatics East Lounge

Associate Instructors (AI) Shakthidhar Gopavaram: sgopavar
Omkar Bhide: okbhide
Shruthi Katapally: shrukata
Sowmya Achanta omachant

Lab office hours: Mon/Wed/Thu 11:00am–1:00pm,
Lindley Hall Abyss (down the steps across from the 2nd floor main office)

Textbook GT (Required): Introduction to Computer Security,
by Goodrich and Tamassia.
Prerequisites Required
I-130: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Basic familiarity of some programming language is assumed.

Course Description

From the course catalog: This course will enable students to reevaluate and conceptualize material learned in discrete courses to consider the topics from their perspective of security. For example, computer system basics such as hardware (CPUs, memory) and software are reconsidered from the perspective of how their interactions create vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that combine standard hardware and software configurations will be examined because they illuminate both security and computer networks. Operating systems and file systems are examined from the perspective of access control, permissions, and availability of system services.