Government of Canada

Why would I like to visit this place>?

I know it is not that far, I have always wanted to go visit Canada one day!
I always wondered how it would be like over there since we are more similar than other places.
Once this COVID-19 is over and I finally pass this class and graduate this semester, i plan on finally taking a trip to Canada!
I also loved watching many Canadian wwf or wwe wrestlers or even NBA players which always had me keep tabs on Canadian atheltes/celebs

Where would I like to visit?

Would I ever move there?

1.Yes, if it wasnt for my family and friends I actually would not mind moving. 2.I would definitely bring someone like my brother or cousin with me to move there if i ever did
3.I don't know if i would go once I get my life togethe or in the midst of it before i become finaicnially stable. 4.If i actually enjoy it once i visit, I will be contmeplating it much more.