OMR (Optical Music Recognition) Systems

Donald Byrd, School of Informatics and School of Music, Indiana University (rev. Jan. 2007)

Program Publisher/type Input Output Platforms Web site Price (12/06) Comments
Capella-Scan 6.1 Capella Software bmp, gif, pdf, png, PS, tif, scanner Capella, MIDI, MusicXML Windows 95 or above $188 Current version number is uncertain.
MIDI-Connections Scan 1.3 CAS tif, scanner MIDI Windows 95 or above €108 Main Web site is in German; some sections also in English.
MP Scan 2 Braeburn Software bmp, scanner Music Publisher Windows 95 or above $125 MP Scan is an add-on for Music Publisher; said to be identical to SharpEye.
NoteScan AMNS tif Nightingale Mac OS 9 & X N/A Bundled with Nightingale. The 1st commercial OMR software, but hasn’t been upgraded in years. NoteScan 1.04 (older?) available separately for $29.
OMeR (Optical Music easy Reader) 2.1 Myriad gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif, etc. (via QuickTime) Melody/Harmony Assistant Windows 95 or above, Mac OS 8.6 - X $20 Add-on for Harmony Assistant and Melody Assistant: Myriad Software
PhotoScore 4.2.0 Neuratron bmp, pdf, scanner MIDI, MusicXML, NIFF Windows, Mac OS $199 Lite version comes with Sibelius
ScoreMaker FX Pro Kawai ?? MusicXML, other(s) Windows 98 or above ¥63,000 Music scanning & notation program, sold mostly in Japan (and web site is in Japanese). ScoreMaker FX (regular) and ScoreMaker 5 also still available.
Scorscan 1.3 npcImaging tif, scanner SCORE Windows 95 & 98 $595 Based on SightReader(?)
SharpEye 2.68 Visiv bmp, tif, scanner MIDI, MusicXML, NIFF Windows 95 or above $169 An SDK and a standalone command-line version are available.
SmartScore Pro 5.3.1 Musitek tif Finale, MIDI, NIFF Windows, Mac OS 9(?) & X $399 Academic price $299. 3.0 Lite comes with Finale 2004 & 2005
Vivaldi Scan goVivaldi bmp, tif Vivaldi, XML, MIDI Windows 95 or above, Mac OS 7 - 9.2.x(?) €119 "Derived from SharpEye". May no longer be available for Mac OS.
Audiveris 2.4 open source ?? MusicXML Java free Licensed under the GPL. Despite the version number, does not appear to be usable yet.
Cantor academic ?? ?? ?? N/A   David Bainbridge's 1997 PhD work. Apparently not compatible with current C++ environments.
Gamut/Gamera system academic tif, png GUIDO, MIDI, lyrics Linux, Windows, OS X   In use by JHU/Levy project; based on Fujinaga's 1997 PhD work (AOMR/OMI), later work by Droettboom & Fujinaga
SightReader academic tif SCORE DOS? Windows 3.1? N/A   Nick Carter's 1989 PhD work

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