About Me

Hi! My name is DongInn Kim. I am a Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department of Indiana University-Bloomington under the guidance of Prof. L Jean Camp. I work for the IU CSI CTF (Capture The Flag) team and I am also working on the Open Source Cluster Application Resources (OSCAR) as a core developer. My research interests include software engineering, clustering computing, and systems security.

Research Interest

My current research focuses on the reverse engineering for the security of IoT devices and building an intelligent dynamic analysis tool on the top of existing static/dynamic analysis security tools.

Current Work

Past Work (Summer in 2017)


  1. DongInn Kim, Jeffrey M. Squyres, and Andrew Lumsdaine: The Introduction of the OSCAR Database API (ODA) => PDF
  2. DongInn Kim, Jeffrey M. Squyres, and Andrew Lumsdaine: Revamping the OSCAR database: A Flexible Approach to Cluster Configuration Data Management. => PDF

Technical Skills

Machine learning (ML) models that I have implmented with R:

Name What does it do
K-Means Unsupervised, non-parametric ML to classify data with the given K value
E-M Unsupervised, parametric ML to find maximum likelihood or maximum a posteriori
Linear Regression Supervised, parametric ML to find the linear model between given data sets (X,…, Y)
Logistic Regression Supervised, parametric ML to find the categorical model between dependent variables
KNN Unsupervised, non-parametric ML for classification and regression
Naive Bayes Semi-supervised, parametric ML for the probabilistic classifier with the assumption of IID

Here is the list of the tools that I am currently learning:

Name What does it do
Frida Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for the binary analysis
Scapy Python version of tshark and more
Radare2 Reverse engineering framework
Unicorn CPU emulator (U)
Capstone Disassembly framework
Keystone Assembler framework
Pwndbg GDB plug-in to make debugging with GDB much easier

Research Colleagues