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Dean Swider

Welcome to my website. From this page you will be able to find a short biography, projects I have worked on and my resume as well.

Authenticity Statment

This statement is to indicate that all the work found on this page and within the portfolio has been done by Dean Swider. The information listed is accurate and true that will represent the aspirations, skills, and education of Dean Swider.

Brief Biography

My name is Dean Swider and I am from a small town on the Lake Michigan called Michigan City. I was born to a humble home of a loving husband and wife Craig and Beverly Swider; my parents. Both my mom and my dad are not from Indiana making me the only Hoosier in my family. Being the only child in my family made me develope a high set of social skills since I did not have any siblings. It also taught me resposiblities, for example I was by no means a spoiled only child. I was taught that if I wanted something I would have to earn it through time and hard work. I got my first job when was in eigth grade and from then on I saved up enough money to buy my own car. With that being said I went to private school my entire life. I went to Notre Dame grade school from Pre K to eigth grade. Afterwards I moved on to then go to Marquette Catholic High School where there was no more than three hundred kids in the entire school, it was uncomforatably small. Throughout school I played several sports: soccer, basketball, and golf. Playing sports and being active are two of my many hobbies. On this page you can find a link to my LinkedIn and Twitter.


Here is a link to my resume, feel free to check it out. Resume here.

I certify that the content included in this portfolio/website is my own original work (or is cited accurately) and accurate to my knowledge. Work included which was conducted as part of a team or other group is indicated and attributed as such the other team members are named and a true description of my role in the project is included. {Dean Swider}