Bibrak Qamar Chandio

Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST)
420 N. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN 47404

+1 (812) 369 8041
email: b cha n di o at indi
Soon will update this site. My CV is quite updated as of 7th Sept 2021

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I am a PhD student in Intelligent Systems Engineering under Prof. Thomas Sterling at Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies CREST which is part of School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, Bloomington

I recently recieved my masters degree in Computer Science from Indiana University --> Proof

I am working on writing Irregular Applications for Dynamic Adaptive Runtime System.
Check out CoMD ported to HPX

Prior to comming to Indiana University I was Research Developer at the Center for High Performance Scientific Computing in NUST-Pakistan. My research and development focused on Java based message-passing systems for High Performance Computing (HPC). I am one of the developers of an open source Java MPI library called MPJ Express.


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