Mothers' Information and Support Technologies (MIST)

The research titled Mothers' Information and Support Technology has two components.
1. Investigation of the Information needs of new mothers (MITE).
2. Investigation of the Social support needs of new mothers (DMSS).
Results from these investigation will inform us to design a socio-technical system that facilaitates information and support seeking of new Mothers.

Mothers' Information Technology for Empowerment (MITE)

The study titled Mothers' Information Technology for Empowerment provides a primary evaluation of the educational and information needs and desires of recent mothers residing in resource restricted communities, with the overall goal of designing a mobile technology application to meet those needs.

Designing Maternal Social Support (DMSS)

The study titled Designing Maternal Social Support uses using multiple research methods to understand social support needs of new mothers. This work will inform the design of socio-technical systems to facilitate social support for new mothers.